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Who is DI Grant?

A police detective who fights for justice, even when that means stepping outside the law. Tough, flawed and persistent. If you've got something to hide, have caused someone harm or think you can get away with murder - then think again...



Recuperating from an injury at a colleague's holiday home in Cornwall, Grant is soon pulled into a world of murder, corruption and vice.

Taken - Ebook Cover.jpg
After breaking a case in Cornwall where he had been recuperating after a terrorist attack DCI Grant threw himself into undercover work until a mistake has cost him the case and his contact her life. Thrown a career lifeline he is posted to Cornwall and expects his life of dangerous undercover work to be replaced by monotony and a backlog of cases more suited to a junior detective. But when a young girl goes missing Grant investigates a crime that seems not only impossible to solve, but utterly unthinkable.
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