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The Ares Virus
The gloves are off for Secret Service agent Rob Stone as his hunt for an assassin leads him to a deadly agenda too terrible to contemplate.

The Town

When Secret Service agent Rob Stone helps a stranger in an isolated Oregon mountain town, he makes a dangerous enemy. Rob is outnumbered and targeted, but he thrives in the wilderness — and the community’s tormentors have no idea what they are getting into…


The Island

Waking naked and alone on a deserted island, Rob Stone has no recollection of how he got there, or who he is. His memory is one of snapshots, each one building a picture of what he does and who he truly is. He discovers he has both the skills and will to survive. But survival is one thing, being hunted is another.

A beautiful journalist in desperate need of help. The dark web, the dumping ground for the evil of the internet. An enemy from his past. Murder, abduction and betrayal. Stone must try to remember the time before the island changed everything. The island will help him remember. The island will make him wish he could forget.

Stone Cold - Ebook Cover[23419].jpg
Stone Cold
People go to Alaska to escape something. Rob Stone is escaping his past and the FBI. Until he can clear his name he will use the two things Alaska has to hide - the wilderness and an understanding that everyone has their own reasons for being there. A chance meeting with a woman, a shared smile and Stone is ready to move on. But when someone tries to run Stone out of town things take an unexpected turn.
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