When an MI6 agent is found to be keeping records of his missions to protect himself from betrayal he unwittingly makes himself a priority target. But how do you silence the most dangerous man imaginable? Send him into hell on earth...
While Alex King is sent into Northern Iraq to tidy the loose ends of a botched mission, the archipelago of Indonesia is under communist threat from within its own military. A consortium of worried businessmen call for desperate measures and seek the services of an assassin. But what if MI6 could be duped into taking care of their problems for them? With secret links to China the communist contingent threatens Britain's trade initiatives with the largest mineral producing country on the planet.
In the dark world of intelligence it seems that everybody has their price.

MI5 agents have been executed and more agents have been abducted with no terms received from the kidnappers. An MI5 analyst is missing having accessed and downloaded prohibited security data.
The trial of notorious radical cleric Mullah Al-Shaqqaf collapses, his extradition falls apart. A man known to have funded ISIS, recruit fighters for Syria and coerce teenagers to martyr themselves. Again he walks free.
The hunt for a nuclear warhead stolen ten years ago has led Russian intelligence to London.
One man connects them all…
When retired MI6 operative Alex King is contacted by the deputy director of MI5 with a proposition, he feels compelled to act. His brief is illegal, his actions unprecedented. The law and the courts have failed. Time and events are against the nation’s intelligence services and the battle can no longer be fought by the rules. Britain’s enemies will soon find the game has changed.
As MI5 agent Caroline Darby investigates with the help of a seasoned Scotland Yard detective she soon starts to look through the elaborate misdirection and discovers the horrifying truth…

In the last days before signing the peace agreement, an IRA splinter cell mounts an operation on the British mainland using English criminals. This unprecedented move intrigues MI6 and they assume command of MI5’s surveillance operation.
A career criminal is released from prison and aims to win back the wife and child his sentence has cost him, but before he can, he is forced back into his old world. The stakes have changed and his family have become leverage for the most ruthless people imaginable.
A woman imprisoned in an abusive relationship, desperate to escape with her son and rekindle her past becomes the pawn in a deadly world of deception, violence and retribution.
A clandestine wing of the secret intelligence service tests its newest recruit. Alex King has trained and operated in the shadowy world of intelligence and now he must kill for his country, but before he can, he needs to discover more about the men he has been sent to kill.

A newly formed terrorist group has declared war on the world’s richest people. The choice is simple. The rich can give away their wealth to escape an assassin’s bullet, or they can die. When the wealthiest five people are dead, a new death list will be publicly declared. When a British billionaire is assassinated, MI5 agent Alex King is sent to investigate. With the killings carried out by a sniper of tremendous skill, King’s dark past makes him the best man for the task. King soon discovers attempts to corrupt the investigation and investment links to a prominent cabinet member. Only when an attempt is made on his own life, does King suspect there is more to the group’s declaration than first appeared. King faces an impossible task. With multi-billionaires giving so much of their wealth to charities, the terrorist group are regarded by many as heroes of a new world order. As King closes in, the fight becomes personal.

The most callous and resourceful woman imaginable has escaped the net. MI5 agent Alex King shut down her venture, exposed her as a murderer and an international criminal. And now she has the woman he loves.
Her freedom comes at a price. But a man with King’s skills can prove invaluable. His enemy knows the inner workings of the Russian mafia, and now she has a man who can shut them down for her while she takes over their syndicates. A man with no choice but to do her dirty work.
King takes on the most ruthless men imaginable. But he discovers enough about his tormentor and the secrets hidden in her past to take the fight to her.
From tranquil Sweden, to the forests of France, the hills of Tuscany and the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia, King fights hard to keep his fiancée alive and buy enough time to turn the tables on her captor.

Alex King knows he made a mistake, and as a result MI5 has been coerced into investigating the sudden and mysterious death of an MI6 operative. 
In the frozen wilds of Lapland at a point where Finland, Russia and Norway intersect, an isolated hotel becomes the only sanctuary from the most powerful Arctic storm in living memory.
A Russian defector holds the key to a terrifying secret. Pursued by ruthless mercenaries, who will stop at nothing to silence them, the defector heads for the hotel, unaware that the man they mean to meet has been murdered.
King must intercept the defector and get the deadly secrets they hold to safety. But who can he trust? And why, after all these years has King’s past finally caught up with him here?
Facing attack on all sides, and battling the frozen elements, King suspects that the fight most deadly is not always the one you can see.

Incarcerated in a prison hidden from society, an all but broken man has a terrifying secret. In a lifetime spent plotting against the West, former KGB General Vladimir Zukovsky has done many unthinkable things. His captors know what he has done, have tortured it out of him, but they do not know everything. All he needs to do to bring down the Western World is hold out for long enough.

The agents from an MI5 mission against the CIA are being hunted and killed. With his team dispersed in anticipation of fallout from the operation, King must bring them back together and meet the threat head on. But this is not an official CIA mission, and the driving force behind these acts of vengeance could soon be the most powerful man on the planet.

When his mission is shut down from political pressure, deniable MI5 operative Alex King seeks revenge for a team member and takes on the man responsible. But in Washington DC, the political landscape changes so quickly that his enemy is now more powerful than anyone could have imagined.
Secret Service agent Rachel Beam has been given a sensitive case without the usual hierarchy protocols. As she digs deeper, what at first looks like a rogue MI5 agent committing a crime spree on US soil, seems more like someone creating a trail and sending a message. But for whom?
From the streets of Washington DC and the home of the Secret Service, to the wilds of Alaska and its remote gold mining country, King has to stay one step ahead of a tenacious agent and an assassin who will stop at nothing to put a stop to his pursuit for retribution.

The Asset

When a deniable mission to infiltrate Albanian and Russian organised crime is compromised, the Security Service distance themselves ahead of political fallout leaving their missing operatives off the grid with no clue to their status.
Alex King is re-evaluating his options after a rogue mission has cost him his career. He has sworn to leave the shadowy world he knows behind, but to do so would mean the fate of his closest friend will remain a mystery. He has questions, but the answers lie with an asset who had been supplying MI5 with information from within the inner circle of the Russian mafia. With the Russian mafia on one side and the Albanian brotherhood on the other, getting the asset out is just the beginning in what will be a dirty war fought against a ruthless enemy who have no limits and hold all the cards.