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13). The Congo Contract
Timeline: Twenty years ago. A delegation of OPEC executives and intelligence operatives working deep undercover are taken hostage in Angola and moved across the border into the Congo. The region is recovering from thirty years of civil and tribal war and international oil contracts are up for grabs, but only if the area can be deemed stable. The standoff must be ended quickly but the newly appointed Angolan government will not grant Britain permission to deploy the SAS and has charged the woefully under-skilled defence force with rescuing the hostages.
Alex King has much to prove. His first mission to halt a coup by a splinter cell of the IRA and London criminals was deemed a failure and his mentor Peter Stewart is having second thoughts about training him for the field. The brief is simple: Avoid an international incident and bring home the hostages. The reality is altogether more deadly. A small force of mercenaries led by Stewart and King must cross into the Congo and take on the Southside Boys - a gang of tribal rebels and boy soldiers, high on drugs and violence, who have made kidnapping, rape and murder their way of life.

14) Dead Man Walking
It has been twenty years since MI6 gave King a new identity, and now somebody knows the truth. A killer is taunting him, killing those King was once close to in a bid to force him out into the open.
MI5 is under cyber-attack. GCHQ have found the source of the cyber-terrorism and have uncovered transcripts naming a spy within the UK government. Dispatching a team to investigate, they discover a link between the source of the cyber-terrorism and the man contracted to kill King.
King investigates old enemies in the hope of finding his would-be assassin, but soon uncovers a plot that if unchecked, will devastate Ukraine and could trigger World War Three.
About the Alex King Series...

1). The Contract Man
When MI6 assassin Alex King is sent on two deadly missions, he does not suspect a connection. But as he fights to confront the odds and survive, he realises that corruption at the heart of the intelligence community he has sacrificed a normal life to serve has made him a target. Now, in hostile territory with enemies on all sides he must decide who to trust, and who to kill…  
2). Lies and Retribution
When the man called upon to do his country’s dirty work is approached by MI5, he is left compelled to act. Having turned his back on MI6 for a quiet life in the Scottish Highlands, Alex King is soon fighting a war on two fronts. A radical Imam and his caliphate on one side, and a Russian sleeper cell with plans for Western destruction on the other. King soon discovers that the two threats could be linked, but the deception goes far deeper… 

3). Shadows of Good Friday (an Alex King Prequel)
Days before the Good Friday Peace Agreement an IRA splinter cell plans a major heist on the British mainland forcing a newly released prisoner to crack just one more safe. Career criminal Simon Grant wants to go straight. He wants to win back his wife and see his son, but he knows that his chances of getting away from the Irishmen are slim. He doesn’t know that MI6 have him under surveillance, nor that Alex King has been given his first mission – to avoid the peace talks being derailed at any cost.

4). The Five
The choice is simple. Give your wealth to those who need it most or become the next target. That is the manifesto of a new and highly secretive terrorist group who are assassinating the people at the top of the rich list. Anarchy to Recreate Society are regarded by many as heroes to a new world order, but MI5 know there is more to them than altruism and when links to a prominent cabinet member are made, King is sent to investigate.

5). Reaper
The woman he loves has been kidnapped and her freedom comes at a price. A man with King’s skillset can prove invaluable. His enemy knows the inner workings of the Russian mafia, and now she has a man who can shut them down for her while she takes over their syndicates. A man with no choice but to do her dirty work. But there is more to King’s skills than just killing and she should not have been underestimated him. Soon, he discovers enough about his tormentor and the secrets hidden in her past to take the fight to her. A fight he cannot afford to lose…

6). Stormbound
When an MI6 officer is killed, King is sent deep into the Scandinavian Arctic Circle to investigate the murder and handle the safe defection of a Russian scientist. With a Polar storm descending and a Russian hit team in pursuit intent on silencing the defector, King faces threats on all sides in an already hostile and unforgiving environment.    

7). Breakout
MI5 need a secret known by one of their enemies. The answer lies in an off-grid CIA prison in the American mid-west. They have intelligence regarding the prison’s most likely location, know the key players and the procedure for certain crimes committed on US soil. Getting an agent inside the prison is one thing but getting them out will be quite another. King has crossed paths with the asset before and knows they are not to be trusted, breaking him out is the only option.

8). From the Shadows
The agents from an MI5 mission against the CIA are being hunted and killed. With his team dispersed in anticipation of fallout from the operation, King must bring them back together and meet the threat head on. But this is not an official CIA mission, and the driving force behind these acts of vengeance could soon be the most powerful man on the planet.

9). Rogue
When his mission is shut down from political pressure, deniable MI5 operative Alex King seeks revenge for a team member and takes on the man responsible. But in Washington DC, the political landscape changes so quickly that his enemy is now more powerful than anyone could have imagined.
Secret Service agent Rachel Beam has been given a sensitive case without the usual hierarchy protocols. As she digs deeper, what at first looks like a rogue MI5 agent committing a crime spree on US soil, seems more like someone creating a trail and sending a message. But for whom?
From the streets of Washington DC and the home of the Secret Service to the wilds of Alaska and its remote gold mining country, King has to stay one step ahead of a tenacious agent and an assassin who will stop at nothing to put a stop to his pursuit for retribution.

10). The Asset
When a deniable mission to infiltrate Albanian and Russian organised crime is compromised, the Security Service distance themselves ahead of political fallout leaving their missing operatives off the grid with no clue to their status.
Alex King is re-evaluating his options after a rogue mission has cost him his career. He has sworn to leave the shadowy world he knows behind, but to do so would mean the fate of his closest friend will remain a mystery. He has questions, but the answers lie with an asset who had been supplying MI5 with information from within the inner circle of the Russian mafia. With the Russian mafia on one side and the Albanian brotherhood on the other, getting the asset out is just the beginning in what will be a dirty war fought against a ruthless enemy who have no limits and hold all the cards.

11). Last Man Standing
When the past finally catches up with intelligence agent Alex King, it shatters his world. His enemy has struck at the life he was building, the world he was preparing for when a mission would one day become his last. In doing so, they have not only exploited the man’s one weakness, but have unwittingly released a wrath that will not be satisfied until one of them is the last man standing.

12). Hunter Killer
It had been a well-orchestrated defection when King put a Russian bio-weapons scientist on a British submarine under heavy gunfire. But he should have checked. Should have checked that the asset wasn’t contaminated. Tragically infected with the biological agent she was smuggling to the West, King has been burdened not only by her fate, but of the one hundred and eighteen men onboard the submarine when it disappeared.

Aurora is the world’s foremost green energy pioneer and operate an R&D facility onboard a ring of former oil rigs anchored in the Barents Sea. Now a UNESCO green sanctuary, no military presence is permitted within an area the size of France. Aurora has discovered the sunken British submarine and a neutral consortium has been contracted to salvage the vessel and tow it to the Faroe Islands, where the Royal Navy will take possession under the eyes of the world’s press.

With cutting-edge technology, weapons and a terrible secret on board, King is sent to defend Britain’s interests, but soon discovers foreign agents have a more deadly agenda. 

15)  Sovereign Power

When the hunt for the female assassin who killed his sister proves futile, King returns to MI5 where he is propositioned by a secretive organisation headed by a familiar face. King takes on both the Russian intelligence services and organised crime to halt them bypassing sanctions and flooding the UK market with forged sovereigns cast from seized Nazi gold in a bid to sink Britain's economy.

Meanwhile in Marseilles Caroline Darby is hunting the same assassin who killed her aunt and attacked her parents. With King fighting on another front, the team backs her up but they soon discover that the CIA have an interest in their quarry. The race is on to catch a killer before she finds help from an unexpected source.

King closes in on the forging operation in Estonia but doesn't know who to trust as the parameters of the operation change, and he realises that he should never have left Caroline in France, hoping he is not too late before the assassin closes in.

16) Kingmaker

King battles with his conscience and ruthless enemies as he deposes an African dictator and installs a new leader. But is he the best man for the job, and can King make a difference in a region known only for corruption and killing?

# Never Go Back (A Big Dave Thriller)

For ex-SAS and current MI5 officer Dave Lomu, Fiji was his childhood home. Leaving under a cloud and not looking back for twenty years means there is little left for him in paradise. But when his family call for help, he returns to a world of ruthless developers, police and government corruption and the murder of a boy and the disappearance of the half-sister he never knew he had. Lomu has a particular set of skills, and is determined to get answers.

17) Untouchable

Their symbol is an iron fist. Each finger represented by a country with an agenda. Five countries forming a new axis of evil that plots against the West and democracy. An organisation that nobody knew existed until luck intervened.
MI5 has a new director and its special operations wing has been disbanded. King and the team are scattered around the globe. British intelligence has been compromised, data breached and AI interfaced cyber-warfare a reality. They seem untouchable but so were King and the team, and now they have their sights on a ruthless enemy and won't stop until the job is done.

18) The Enemy

The enemy is everywhere. Lurking in the shadows, hacking networks and striking at the heart of freedom and democracy. They have infiltrated government and have changed the course of political agenda. MI5 have suffered at the hands of this enemy. Good people lost, lives changed forever. One man is the link to the so-called Iron Fist. A network of spies and saboteurs working for five countries in a new axis of evil, and King and the team won't stop until they find him.

19) Die Trying

An unprecedented flow of heroin has entered Europe and police and law enforcement agencies have no idea from where. Local criminals have been drafted in to push the product with no charge to the end user. Free heroin to all. But who is responsible and what is their agenda?

With a contract on his head, King has to meet his enemies head-on while the team cross paths with Russian agents and mafia kingpins as they hunt down the heroin and put a stop to the degradation of society as Russia tries to weaken Europe’s resolve.

20) Out in September 2024!

All The King's Men

With an agenda to hold the world to ransom, Iron Fist has corrupted the systems of commercial airliners and air traffic control and put their hacking to the test with devastating results. But with the possibility of an extinction level event from a new axis of evil discovered under interrogation, are MI5 on the right track?

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