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A P Bateman is a bestselling action-thriller novelist who has reached the number one spots on Amazon US, UK, Canada and Australia. He has written nineteen novels - four in the Rob Stone series, thirteen in the Alex King series and his standalone Cornish crime thrillers Hell's Mouth and Unforgotten. He has also written numerous short stories and novellas and recently been commissioned to write a play for the BBC. It has often been said that there is a high degree of realism to his books, something aided by his love of adventure sports, shooting and his earlier work as a bodyguard and private investigator.

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"Alex King is unstoppable, a force to be reckoned with..." Stephen Leather - International bestselling author of the Spider Shepherd series


"This is an author on top of his game..." David Oaten - Breakaway Reviewers


"Another riveting read from a master of the action/thriller genre..." The Midwest Book Review


"Deftly constructed, consistently compelling, unfailingly entertaining story telling..." The US Book Watch


"Smarter than Bond, tougher than Reacher..." USA Today


"Surely these books will soon be blockbuster movies..." Caroline Walker, The Book Review

Timeline: Twenty years ago. A delegation of OPEC executives and intelligence operatives working deep undercover are taken hostage in Angola and moved across the border into the Congo. The region is recovering from thirty years of civil and tribal war and international oil contracts are up for grabs, but only if the area can be deemed stable. The standoff must be ended quickly but the newly appointed Angolan government will not grant Britain permission to deploy the SAS and has charged the woefully under-skilled defence force with rescuing the hostages.
Alex King has much to prove. His first mission to halt a coup by a splinter cell of the IRA and London criminals was deemed a failure and his mentor Peter Stewart is having second thoughts about training him for the field. The brief is simple: Avoid an international incident and bring home the hostages. The reality is altogether more deadly. A small force of mercenaries led by Stewart and King must cross into the Congo and take on the Southside Boys - a gang of tribal rebels and boy soldiers, high on drugs and violence, who have made kidnapping, rape and murder their way of life.


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