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Thursday 27th July 2017

Publication day! Hell's Mouth went live today after a week of being available on pre-order. 'Why pre-order?' you ask. Well, I'm an indie author and have to try all the methods of release available to me. You dance with the big boys, but they all have choreographers, coaches, managers - hell, they've even got their own dance studio. I'm out there on the floor on my own. Hey, I'm busting a few moves! Because I'm already above a few rather big names in the charts! Hell's Mouth is already at no 60 in the Amazon top 100 mystery-thrillers, which in the morning of release looks pretty good to me!

Sunday 30th July 2017
Chatting to my wife over some tea and cake while taking a well-earned rest on a walk and she starts to tell me about this great thread running through a plot in the latest book she's reading. This happens all the time and I sit back to listen, then she stops... She forgot she's reading Hell's Mouth, but I take it as a great compliment, because as far as books go, she's a harsh critic and not easily pleased!

Monday 31st July 2017

LJ Ross is an international bestselling author of the DCI Ryan novels set in her native Northumberland. She is a self-published author, like myself, but whereas I've sold just over 100,000 copies, she's sold a million! A nice club to be in, and one I aspire to be in one day! When she's not writing, blogging or giving public talks, she interviews authors. I'm honoured to be her second interview, which you can find here.

October 8th 2017
Darker '17
What a great event! Organised by Hourglass Events and held at the Holiday Inn, Peterborough, this was an event for fiction with a dark side. Initially worried whether my books would fit into the brief, I needn't have worried. The Rob Stone series was right up there, and although many authors were in the supernatural genre, there was a strong contingency from crime thrillers with a dark edge, like Tony Forder and Jane E James both published by Bloodhound Books. It was great to meet other authors and compare notes.
6th December 2017
The Five
This will be out after Christmas (aiming for 03/01/18) and will be the fourth Alex King thriller. Here is an early review by David Oaten of Breakaway Reviewers, who has provided a cover quote for the book.

The Five by A P Bateman                   

 5 stars

 A more mature Alex King, but one that’s just as deadly…


Anarchy to Recreate $ociety is a group which purports to correct the unfairness of society where the richer get richer and the poor suffer as always. To do this they publicise their intent on social media by threatening to kill the top 5 richest men in the world and to continue to do so until wealth is shared more equitably. They have already made good on their promise three times.


Ex MI6 operative, Alex King, is now working for MI5 alongside his fiancée, Caroline, who has been despatched to South Africa to follow up on a lead while King remains in the UK to start his investigations.


The plot starts with another killing as a result of which Alex is thrown together with forensic pathologist Amanda Cunningham. She is young, attractive and just his type and Caroline is away….. And so the fun starts.


This is the fourth in the Alex King series. It can be read as a standalone thriller but any reader would be missing a real trick if he didn’t at least consider picking up the first three. It’s very easy as a reviewer to spot what you don’t like in a book. It’s much more difficult to identify what makes up a really satisfying read and all four books in this series are great reads.


There are several aspects which make the time spent reading this book well spent and very satisfying. First is AP Bateman’s attention to detail and thorough research. This is an author on top of his game. His knowledge of weaponry and the way things work in the secret services are self-evident and if they are not borne of real life experience they are certainly very convincing. Second is the feeling that Alex King is human – cut him and he bleeds. He has emotions and cares about victims which makes him at least likeable if not loveable. Third is credibility. So often I am jolted out of the pages by disappointment that a character has just done something which in reality would not have occurred. Never does that happen in one of Bateman’s novels. Actions are always logical and follow a sensible sequence.


Another tell-tale sign of an excellent story is when the reader is totally drawn into the world on the pages to the exclusion of the outside world. It’s rare for me but I experienced it twice while reading this novel. The plot starts reasonably slowly and builds to a crescendo with plenty of changes of pace in between to allow the reader to recover and draw breath. There are plenty of twists and turns and the ending, although totally satisfying, leaves the reader wondering what will happen to Alex next.


Bring on the next in the series... I can’t wait!

David Oaten, Breakaway Reviewers

12th December
And here's the cover reveal!
5th January 2018
The Five has launched. Currently at 1.3 million in the charts! The only way is up (or I'm going to night-school!) - let's get going on this! BUY MY BOOK!!!!!!
13th January
What a week! The Five is now up to no 17 in Amazon's political thrillers, 2100 overall in store. A great result, and I can only thank my readers for buying it - I hope you enjoyed the story!
5th February 2018
The Five is up to no5 in political thrillers on Amazon and has had a knock-on effect for the rest of the Alex King series, with The Contract Man at n011, Shadows of Good Friday at no14 and Lies and Retribution at no23. So pleased with the past few weeks and I'm hard at work on King's next outing - a fast-paced tale of vengeance and deception taking on the Russian Mafia and searching for the love of his life. 
Just had a BBC radio invite for the 19th February at 3.30 - on Radio Cornwall - where I'll be talking about writing, reading and living in Cornwall, as well as my new book!
19th February 2018
BBC Radio Cornwall interview today with the lovely Debbie McCory - the ubiquitous dry throat ten minutes before, but I got through! Here's the link if you want to listen (it starts around 1hr:35mins and lasts 15 minutes): 

29th March 2018

Massive personal goal and milestone reached today with 1 million Kindle pages read so far this month! Time to celebrate with a bottle of Cornwall's finest in a Hell's Mouth mug!

15th May 2018
Launch Day! Reaper is live in Amazon store and already up to number 10 in Hard-boiled mysteries - a solid category with names like Connolly, La Plante, Archer and Grisham. A good start at around 1000 in store (out of 5 million titles!)
8th May 2018
Cover reveal!

Due out this month, Alex King's fifth adventure is as explosive as the cover!

4th June 2018
Won't get tired of seeing this! No 1 in Hardboiled Mysteries on Amazon
8th June 1018
 On BBC Radio Cornwall as part of their monthly book club. Discussing The Five and close protection and writing in general. You can listen here: Interview
Stithians Agricultural Show
I will be signing books at the county's second largest show this year - come down and have a chat, buy some books or simply bring a copy of one of my books and I'll sign it for you. I look forward to seeing you!

26th September 2018

Proud to announce Rockhopper Publishing (Limited)!

With the aim to use the name as a platform for my own novels, I will soon be offering various publishing services to other authors.

The name is a nod to my son, Lewis, who is penguin crazy (the obsession shows no sign of letting up) - The Rockhopper is his favourite species! 

29th January 2019 Breakout (Alex King 7)

Coming soon!

Incarcerated in a prison hidden from society, an all but broken man has a terrifying secret. In a lifetime spent plotting against the West, former KGB General Vladimir Zukovsky has done many unthinkable things. His captors know what he has done, have tortured it out of him, but they do not know everything. All he needs to do to bring down the Western World is hold out for long enough.

Still reeling from a CIA double-cross, MI5 need their prisoner back. They have intelligence on America’s secret prison, but there is only one way they can get an agent in place. Alex King accepts a mission of unparalleled risk. But first, he must commit a crime that will see him treated outside the US legal system and get to a prisoner who can destroy or save mankind with the knowledge he holds.

For King, the risk to his life is worth the gamble. He knows the penalty if he does not act. But getting into America’s secret prison to snatch back an asset is nothing compared to breaking out…  

5th February 2019
Cover Reveal!
Absolutely delighted with the cover for King's toughest assignment yet!
18th April 2019
BBC Radio Cornwall interview with Mel, standing in for Debbie McCrory.
You can listen here at the 1hr40m mark: Interview
27th August 2019
Just signed a four book deal with W F Howes - the country's largest independent audio book publisher! Very excited and looking forward to hearing what the narrator does with the stories. The books are: Reaper, Stormbound, Breakout and From the Shadows and the aim is to get Reaper out for Christmas 2019 and follow with a book each month. 
18th October 2019
The ninth Alex King thriller is due out this month! Here's the blurb:

When his mission is shut down from political pressure, deniable MI5 operative Alex King seeks revenge for a team member and takes on the man responsible. But in Washington DC, the political landscape changes so quickly that his enemy is now more powerful than anyone could have imagined.


Rachel Beam has taken a sideways promotion within the Secret Service to start a family. But the man she planned the rest of her life with turned out to be a cheat and now she has a dead-end position and her personal life is on the shelf. When she is handed a sensitive case, she runs with it and looks beyond the obvious. She is now hunting a rogue MI5 agent committing a crime spree on US soil, but as she digs deeper, she can see that his crimes are creating a trail and sending a message. But for whom?


From the streets of Washington DC and the home of the Secret Service, to the wilds of Alaska and its remote gold mining country, King has to stay one step ahead of an agent intent on rebuilding her career, and an assassin who will stop at nothing to put a stop to his pursuit for retribution.  

21st October 2019
Cover Reveal!
Here it is folks! This sums up part of the story brilliantly and a quote from the awesome Stephen Leather puts icing on the cake. Incidentally, if you haven't read Stephen Leather's thrillers, you really should! Or check out his film The Foreigner with Pearce Brosnan and Jacky Chan - both giving their best performances by far.
9th March 2020
A night with the police!
An interesting, insightful night spent with a detective at Truro police station. DC Sean McDonnell of Devon & Cornwall CID was kind enough to be interviewed by this author, give me an idea of how the station is run, and the procedures so often skipped over by books and TV. Fundamental to this encounter was how murder investigations are done, and by whom. The rank and experience structure is interesting, and I can see that most authors and screenwriters have misunderstood the hierarchy and duties. I'm pleased I didn't make my character DI Jackson more senior, but that may have been more luck than judgement!
Forensics was a big eye-opener, and we're used to seeing hourly results on our screens, for what can often take several months. The new 32 strand DNA testing will also have a huge impact on historic cases, finding evidence where until recently would have been discounted. Interview techniques and what the police hope to attain through interview - certainly never a confession - was extremely insightful, and has provided me with the potential for some interesting scenes in my next project.
I already knew the police have been affected by austerity and budget restraints - and everybody has a police failing them or someone they know story - but when you hear some of the mergers, procedures and funding cutbacks first hand (and DC McDonnell was both objective and professional in his observations) you can see the bigger picture and the reality of bringing a complaint/case to court as extremely complex. The stark truth is: the police can't always act if the CPS think there's so much as a hint that the case won't stand up in court. It must be a frustrating reality to be faced with every day.
I would like to thank DC Sean McDonnell for his time, and know I can use this research to benefit future stories.